Finding long term love on holiday is tricky but not impossible. Most people on holiday are just there for a good time, finding the partner of their dreams isn’t exactly on the top of their to do list, however the old adage right place right time has never rung truer than when you find that special someone in the sun. Look for a person with warm open body language, they should feel relaxed in your company and will show you this by keeping eye contact, making light physical contact with you, such as a brush of the shoulder and highest on the list is a smile. Showing off the lips and teeth is a great sign that they’re into you.

But who do you go for? Lets be honest, he’s not going to be wearing a sign around his neck saying ‘free, single and looking for love.’ So you’ve got to pick wisely. Steer clear of the lads lads, out on holiday to get drunk and break a few hearts along the way. We all know what these boys look like, loud, leery and nearly always propping up the nearest bar whilst chanting a made up holiday mantra. Instead look out for a guy whose maybe a bit more chilled out and relaxed, trying to start something with someone whose totally inebriated is never a good idea, no matter how hot he is!

Looking for love on holiday is a great idea, the choice is much wider than back at home and you’re likely to meet people from all walks of life, far more interesting than the run of the mill men from back home. There’s also the added bonus of tanned skin, more flesh on show and the sensual smell of sun, sea and sun tan lotion.

However if all you’re after is a bit of fun then you need to be prepared, lots of holiday flings are passionate and intense, the amount of suitable partners is staggering with many of them reeling past like they’re on a conveyor belt, here one minute, gone the next. So pick a target then go for it. Holiday flings are usually the result of a night out, fuelled with cocktails and crazy dance moves all topped off with a huge amount of tanned skin on show. In true scout style you should always be prepared, no girls holiday going out bag should be lacking in any of the following, a good lip balm. Leave the gloss at home, you’ll be hot and sticky and gloss is not your best friend when a cheeky snog is on the cards! Condoms, it’s just good common sense to stay safe. Carry regular latex ones and pop in a non-latex one in just in case you meet one of those guys whose ‘allergic to latex.’ You should also get yourself a pair of fold up flats for the walk home. Nothing says walk of shame louder than a bare footed girl, heels in hand walking down bar street at 10 o’clock in the morning! Finally, a travel pack of face wipes, again, will remove all tell tale fling signs and lets face it, sleeping in makeup is never a good idea!

Pulling on holiday feels like a breeze when you compare it to pulling back at home so here’s a few ways in which you can take that holiday zing back home with you.

1.     Sun Protection Oil, sounds crazy but it’s insanely good for your skin and has a certain smell that just instantly takes you back to the beach. Pop a little on your pulse points before a night out.

2.     Tanned skin, having a bit of a tan makes most people feel better, it’s slimming and gives you a healthy glow. Be safe with it and invest in some good fake tan, st tropez is an absolute must for a sun kissed healthy look without the skin damaging side effects.

3.     Be daring with your wardrobe. People are more likely to wear more adventurous clothing abroad than back at home. So pop on your best bright outfit and get going, so what if it’s miserable, grey and minus a million degrees outside?!

4.     Sunglasses, not inside a dark club but outside, during the day. Just because P Diddy does it doesn’t make it ok! Wearing your sunnies during the day (weather permitting) gives you added confidence, they also frame your face and add an air of mystery to your look.

5.     Be spontaneous, holidaymakers are more likely to do something on the spur of the moment. At the most you’ve got a fortnight to pack in as much fun as possible. Back home it’s easy to get stuck in the routine of life so try doing something totally different, cocktails? On a school night? Well worth the shady looks the next day, especially if you meet Mr. Right, or even Mr. Right now at the same time!

If you’re already in a relationship then there’s a few ways you can use the holiday spirit to spice things up. When you’re away together time flies, your days blur into one long sun filled romance packed get away. With loads to enjoy, and lots of time you can dedicate yourself to being with your other half. Carrying this one after the planes landed back in blighty can be a bit trickier, but fear not there are a ways in which you can take that holiday attitude back home with you.

1.     Make it special, holidays for couples are often filled with lingering looks, romantic walks on the beach and plenty of fantastic meals out together. The same can’t always be said for when we’re back home, we don’t always have the time, money or inclination for any of the above. But it’s really important that if you want a healthy and happy relationship you make the time and put in the effort.

2.     Sexy Lingerie? Try a bikini for the night instead. Usually beautiful in design and if you’ve got one with tie sides, all the better! Why not slip on your best beach bikini and re live that holiday passion.

3.     Be adventurous. Couples are more likely to take things up a gear in the bedroom when they’re on holiday. The sun has your serotonin levels rocketing, so team that with the combination of a lot of naked flesh and no wonder the average couple have more adventurous sex on holiday. Bring this back home with you. Even something as small as leaving the curtains open can give a lot of couples an extra thrill!

4.     Massage oil. On holiday massaging in sun cream is a bi daily routine, back home you’re lucky if you get a two second shoulder rub. Make time to treat your partner to an all over massage, pretend you’re rubbing in sun cream and treat it with as much care as if you were doing it abroad and protecting your loved ones skin from the sun. Make sure every last bit of them is treated to an erotic, sensual massage.

5.     Technology turn off. Usually to avoid expensive phone bills you turn your phone off when you’re away. The TV has only 4 channels and non of them are subtitled so that goes off and with only 20kg allowed in your suitcase who has room for their laptop? Without the distractions of your home life you’re free to give all of your attention to your partner.  This is another reason why couples report having better sex whilst on holiday. Try this at home, make a pact that for the weekend or the evening you’ll boycott all modern day technologies. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll forget they ever existed and begin to enjoy your partners company on a whole new level.