Annabelle's bestselling novel, The Endless Autumn is an Amazon best seller, was listed as Cosmopolitan's top raunchy read and topped the romance charts.

"Loved it! Raunchy and racy with a bit of romance, couldn't put it down! - KATIE PRICE

'Author Annabelle Knight has fused traditional Chic-lit with Erotica in this tale of innocence lost but lustful liberation found.

A mash-up of Bridget Jones Diary and Fifty Shades of Grey, The Endless Autumn is a tale of the slightly ditzy protagonist who finds herself at the centre of a terrible betrayal. She responds by casting her comfortable life aside and accepting a new job at the events company, Encounters.

However, as usual, Autumn does not do her homework and finds herself at the epicentre of a world where her innocence can be bought at a price. Is it a price she is willing to pay as sexual fantasies go well beyond whips and handcuffs?

In this steamy, sexual and slightly sinister story, Autumn must make a choice between her new sexual liberation and the pure, soulful joy of traditional love.'

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