Tips to Fabulous Sexual Health

1.     Use a condom. Condoms hugely reduce the risk of all STIs and STDs as well as guarding against unwanted pregnancy. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, textures and materials. Using the right condom is very important as it reduces the chance of it splitting.

2.     Visit your GP. If you have any changes down there, when it comes to your sexual heath it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

3.     Get checked regularly. If you don’t have a permanent partner making sure nothing nasty is lurking in your nether region is so important. You need to protect yourself and anyone else you might sleep with. If you’re with one person and have been for a long time a check up every now and then is still needed, especially if it’s someone relatively new that you’re seeing.

4.     Exercise regularly. Its thought that people who undertake regular exercise generally sexually healthier than those who don’t.

5.     Indulge in some solo sex. Masturbation is important for many reasons, it allows you to get to know your own body so should any changes occur you’ll be better placed to spot them. Those who orgasm regularly also are at a lower risk of stress related illnesses as well as headaches and for women improves bladder control.

6.     Eat right. Your diet affects absolutely everything including your libido. A healthy diet means a healthy sexy life.

7.     Quit smoking. Nothing kills the mood like the lingering smell of smoke. It also has a horrible effect the taste of a guys semen. So does alcohol, drugs and junk food!



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It’s important to undergo a sexual health check regardless of symptoms presented, a lot of cases are symptomless so if you’ve had unprotected sex at all please visit a GUM clinic or send away for an at home testing kit.