May the G-Force be with you!

G Myth? You better believe it exists! However we may have been slightly off with thinking that its being an entirely separate spot as research now shows us that the clitoris is actually a much larger pleasure point that encompasses much of our nether regions.  But, whatever it’s structure there’s no denying to the thousands of women who enjoy G spot pleasure that it exists. Try denying it to someone who loves a G spot orgasm and you’ll likely be met with a slap in the face.

There’s a reason so many sex toy developers concentrate on a curved shaft, it’s because that front wall of the vagina houses a delicious pleasure point, packed with nerve endings. The study claiming that the G spot is a hoax will set sex lives back all across the country with many men using it as a get out of jail card and  cause women who perhaps struggle to find their G spot to give up. Obviously some women will be more susceptible to g spot stimulation that others, the trick is to find the right way to stimulate yourself. Rotating toys, curved dildos or a hooked finger can all do the trick.

So what are you looking for? The G spot is a small area around 2 inches or so on the front vaginal wall, (between the belly button and Mons Pubis) remember, every woman is different so this is not an exact science. You’ll know you’ve found it when you feel the texture change, the G spot is often reported as feeling like a rough sponge or like a walnut.

Once you’ve found the little nub of delight you’ll need to apply a constant gentle pressure and use a stroking motion, as if you’re beckoning someone towards you.

There are a number of toys on the market specially designed to help women find and stimulate their G spot. My advice to anyone on the hunt is to invest in a G spot toy. It takes all the hard work out of G spot surveillance and will make locating it on your own afterwards a doddle!

The Annabelle Knight Ooooh! Is perfect for anyone wanting to indulge in a little G spot fun. It’s petite in size, quiet and has a fantastic curved tip for pinpoint stimulation and it has seven glorious settings to choose from for a tailor made G spot orgasm.