Q: HELP! I looked through my boyfriend's phone and found messages from a girl he works with, she's really flirty with him. He hardly responds, which is good. But now I can't help but act weird and he knows something is up. What should I do?

A: So curiosity got the better of you and you checked your boyfriend's phone? This is ALWAYS a bad idea, if you want to check you need to ask yourself why. Have they given you cause for concern, has their behaviour changed or are they suddenly acting secretive? Whatever it is you need to talk to them first, if something is wrong then you should afford your partner the opportunity to open up to you. If you check their phone behind their back then a) you don't trust them so why are you with someone you don't trust? b) you've invaded their privacy and c) If they find out then they'll be incredibly hurt and feel betrayed. So you really need to weigh up what the underlying issue is here. Anyway, it's done now so where do you go from here. Well, now is the time for honesty. Confess what you've done and explain why you felt you had no other choice, hopefully your partner will be understanding. the only relationship worth having is an honest one so, moving forward make sure you are as honest as you can be.